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Thursday, September 15, 2011

A tribute to Gary Howard

Gary Howard has suffered a minor stroke! This is devastating to me as I consider him my main man on this compilation blog. I've only met him through this site but I found a real friend in him having enjoyed his sophisticated psych contributions. The fact that I've never known anyone else who takes this blog more seriously makes it so important that I would encourage those who downloaded his music to wish him well. I believe by doing so would help him forget his predicament and induce a miracle recovery. I am sure we will be having more of his psych compilations once he's found his feet again.


  1. my best wishes to Gary Howard, long live him

    thanks for everything

  2. So sorry to hear! My energy thought and vibes go out to Gary!!! Peace to him and speedy recovery!

  3. Good on ya, Darren (aka McFADDEN'S PARACHUTE. Cheers, mate!!!