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Thursday, June 27, 2024

LACEWING: Self-titled (1971 Mainstream Records USA)

NOTE: Here is the repost as requested.

Mainstream Records – S/6132
1971 US

Side One:
1 Paradox
2 Crystal Myth
3 Our World (It Can Happen)
4 Time To Go

Side Two:
1 The Storm
    - Epicycle
    - Rebirth
2 I'll Play For You
3 Galvenized Midget

A West Coast-influenced affair from Kent, Ohio who had once included Joe Walsh before his James Gang days. Their sole album ranges from folk to more atmospheric numbers and on to heavier rock cuts.

Saturday, June 22, 2024

Number 1399


1 WILD BUTTER Oh Martha!
2 DEMIAN  I've Got To Reach You
3 DOGFEET Sad Story - Reprise
4 BULBOUS CREATION Fever Machine Man
5 FOOD BRAIN That Will Do
6 HOMER Loves Coming
7 KINGDOM Morning Swallow
8 HAMMER Tuane
9 MUD Medicated Goo - The Lights Gonna Shine

Monday, June 17, 2024

Culpeper's Orchard


01 Hey, You People
02 Mind Pollution - Weather Report
03 Steamhouse
04 Mountain Music 
05 Ode to Resistance
06 Julia
07 Teaparty for an Orchard
08 Late Night Woman Blues
09 Your Song & Mine
10 Keyboard Waltz
11 Blue Day's Morning
12 Classified Ads
13 Autumn Of It All
Culpeper's Orchard were a Danish group formed late 1969 by Londoner Cy Nicklin (guitar, mandolin, vocals), Nils Henriksen (guitar, piano, background vocals), Michael Friis (bass guitar, organ) and Rodger Barker (drums).

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Number 1398


02 INDIAN PUDDIN' & PIPE Shadowlarks
03 DREAMS Try Me
04 HEAVEN Song for Chaos
06 FLOW No Lack Of Room
07 ELEPHANTS MEMORY Brief Encounter
08 DR. MUSIC Rollin' Home
09 GOOD GOD Fish Eye

Friday, June 7, 2024

Mount Rushmore


01 King Of Earrings
02 Love Is The Reason
03 V-8 Ford Blues
04 I Don't Believe In Statues
05 I'm Coming Home
06 Somebody Else's Games
07 Medley - Fannie Mae; Dope Song
08 She's So Good To Me
09 Without No Smog
10 Looking Back
11 Toe Jam
12 10.09 Blues
13 Ocean
14 Stone Free
15 It's Just The Way I Feel

Mount Rushmore was an American rock band in the late 1960s from San Francisco, California, United States, that played a heavy blues rock style with psychedelic elements.

Monday, June 3, 2024

Number 1397


01 ARTIE WAYNE Automated Man
02 AMORY KANE Golden Laces
03 APARTMENT 1 Summer Term
04 RIVER DEEP Shelley, Tell Me Why
05 PLEASE Time Goes By
06 AMERICAN DREAM Credemphels
07 THE TWILIGHTS Paternosta Row
08 THE BUCKINGHAMS I Love All of the Girls
10 WAVES The Way They Smile
11 THE CHANGING SCENE Sit Down, Lorraine
12 BILL MADISON Before You Go
13 FOURMYULA Wrong or Right
14 TONY HAZZARD Listen To Me
15 GAME Sermon
16 AXIOM Sailing Ships
18 THE FLYING HAT BAND Reaching For The Stars

Wednesday, May 29, 2024



1 As One
2 A Bridge to Alice
3 A Passion Condensed
4 Colosus, Part 2
5 Pisces
6 Scars on the Ego
7 Paradoxical Moods
8 Register Magister

A Dutch instrumental symphonic prog-rock band, Finch was established by bass player Peter Vink (Vink meaning finch in Dutch) and drummer Beer Klaasse. Guitarist and composer Joop van Nimwegen, who had worked with Vink in the Dutch formation Q65, soon joined. For lack of a good singer, Finch decided to build a repertoire of instrumental rock.

Friday, May 24, 2024

Group Therapy


01 Wait
02 Come See About Me
03 Cheer Up Baby
04 Remember What You Said
05 The Exodus Song
06 Can't Stop Lovin' You Baby
07 Hey Joe
08 I Must Go
09 Expressway To Your Heart
10 Morning Dew
11 Who’ll Be Next
12 A Very Happy Day
13 River Deep, Mountain High
14 Foxy Lady
15 People Get Ready
16 Willie
17 I Can't Believe It
18 Really Together
19 I Got To Live

This New York-based psychedelic blues rock quintet featured Ray Kennedy (vocals), Art Del Gudico (guitar), Jerry Guida (organ), Tommy Burns (drums) and Michael Lamont (drums). The band’s debut album largely comprised of contemporary hits, notably ‘Hey Joe’, ‘Morning Dew’ and ‘Come See About Me’.