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Friday, November 19, 2010

IAN THOMAS: Painted Ladies (1973 Canada)

01 Painted Ladies
02 Another
03 One Of Those Days
04 Will You Still Love Me
05 Coming For My Life
06 Come The Sun
07 When You Have Love
08 Evil In Your Eyes
09 Insecurity
10 White Clouds

Steve Hogg, bass
Barty Keane, drums
John Capek, keyboards
Mike Donavan, acoustic guitar
Danny Weiss, electric guitar
Al Brisco, pedal steel
Ian Thomas, acoustic & electric guitar

A vinyl rip from a 1974 German pressing made by
Metronome Records (GRT Records MLP 15.902) Stereo

Thursday, November 18, 2010

THE FISHERFOLK: On Tiptoe (1967? UK X'tian Psych Folk)

01 Listen, Can't You Hear
02 On Tiptoe
03 Canticle Of The Gift
04 Candy Coated Gospel
05 God Has Not Given Us
06 Come, Lord Jesus
07 They Have No wine
08 Psalm 84
09 Psalm 133
10 We Will Sing To The Lord Our God
11 Never In My Life
12 Hallelujah! His Blood Avails For Me
13 Jerusalem Bound

Pat Allen, Jonathan Asprey, Ed Bagget, Conway Barker, Pat Beall, Diane Davis, Max Dyer, Mimi Farra, David Gustafson, Margi Hackett, Louise Jolly, Mike Kennedy, Martha Keys, Gary Miles, Arabella Miner, Jodi Page, Tim Whipple, Ruth Wieting, Jon Wilkes

Guitar - Jonathan Asprey, Diane Davis, David Gustafson,
Mike Kennedy, Jodi Page, Tim Whipple
Bass Guitar - Max Dyer, Jon Wilkes
Cello - Max Dyer
Violin - Louise Jolly
Percussion - Arabella Miner, Tim Whipple
Keyboards - Pat Allen, Betty Pulkingham

from a vinyl rip (Celebration Records 2004)
Recorded in London

Sunday, November 14, 2010

TERRY SYLVESTER: Terry Sylvester (1974 UK)

1974 first solo album by Terry Sylvester of The Hollies.

01 Pick Up The Pieces
02 It's Better Off This Way
03 In Motion
04 End Of The Line
05 Going Back
06 Peace Of All Mankind
07 Make My Day
08 If You Change Your Mind
09 It's Too Late
10 Mary Anne
11 The Trees, The Flowers And The Shame

RON RICHARDS, producer
ALAN PARSONS, engineer

Saturday, November 13, 2010

RICHARD KERR: From Now Until Then (1973 UK)

01 Follow Me
02 Come As You Are
03 You Will Never Know
04 Intro - The Liar
05 A Song I Remember
06 The Hero
07 Woman In My Life
08 Take A Letter To The World
09 We'll Give Love
10 Be My Friend
11 Country Girl
12 The Songs I Write

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

C.B. VICTORIA: Dawning Day (1976 Canada)

01 You Make Everything Alright
02 I Don't Believe In Miracles
03 Rebecca
04 Anytime At All
05 Daybreak Memories
06 To Claudia On Thursday
07 Natalie
08 Come And See My Man
09 Dawning Day

C.B VICTORIA, lead vocals, piano, organ
MATTHEW McCAULEY, acoustic guitar, keyboards, piano, swiss bells, synthesizer, background vocals, string arrangements
FRED MOLLIN, acoustic guitar, percussion, background vocals
ERIC ROBERTSON, piano, organ

THE EDDIE BOY BAND: The Eddie Boy Band (1975 USA)

01 Oh, So Hard
02 The Maze
03 Say Goodbye Babe
04 Come on Virginia (I Wanna Win Ya)
05 Losin' Again
06 Good to Have You Back Again
07 The Gambler
08 Sixteen Ladies
09 Makin' Love to You, Babe
10 Mother Music

JOSH LEO, guitar & lead vocals
MARK GOLDENBERG, guitar, slide guitar, piano, lead vocals
TIM WALKOE, bass guitar, lead vocals
JOHN PARULO, hammond organ, piano, accordion, mellotron & vocals
DENNIS EBERT, drums & percussion
MIKE LERNER, drums & percussion

With -

DAVID WOLINSKI, arp string ensemble, locrian mode, pie ala mode & excessive dialogue on "The Maze"
JON CARSOON & DICK CAINE, rhythm guitars on "The Gambler"

MCA Records - MAPS 8150
Australian pressing by ASTOR Records

Saturday, November 6, 2010

DOUG ASHDOWN: Leave Love Enough Alone (1974 Australia)

01 Leave Love Enough Alone
02 Willie's Shades
03 You're The Song
04 Love Ain't Worth The Livin' When It Dies
05 The Flowers And The Wine
06 Skid Row
07 Sally Broome
08 You Are All I Need To Know Of Love
09 Jeannie
10 They Always Seem To Look Like Marianne
11 Tomorrow Is The Last Time
12 No Other Words
13 Leave Love Enough Alone (Reprise)

Friday, November 5, 2010


Collecting LPs will set one up for occasional surprises. I found this in a charity second-hand warehouse and decided to pay 20 cents mainly for its cover artwork. With not a single word of English, I classified this as a curiosity purchase. I hurried home to hear what's inside and what a bombshell, I really thought JEFFERSON AIRPLANE was on the turntable.

A Hungarian singer, Sarolta Zalatnay was born 17 December 1947 in Budapest.

Featured here is a vinyl rip of her 1973 album which title translates to Let Me Tell You.

01 Hadd Mondjam El
02 Kell Egy Hu Barat
03 Sracok, Oh Sracok
04 Ne Hidd, El
05 Tanar Ur Kerem
06 Egyszer
07 Nem Kell Vegre Otthon Ulni
08 Mert Kell Elfelednem
09 Csodabogar
10 Az Oreg Var
11 Arva Lett A Mesevilag
12 Meg Mindig Varlak

Acoustic Guitar - Charles Frenreisz, László Tolcsvay *
Backing Vocals - Herczku Annamária , Bódi Magdi * , Várszegi Éva
Bass, Flute, Saxophone - Frenreisz Károly
Congas - Deli István
Drums - Fekete Gábor
Guitar - Móricz Mihály
Keyboards - Tolcsvay László
Organ, Piano - Papp Gyula
Vocals - Zalatnay Sarolta


1969 English Progressive Jazz

1. Elastic Dream
2. One Green Eye
3. Boy, Dog and Carrot
4. Cold Mountain
5. Black Hair
6. Mirage

March 20th and April 16th, 1969
from the LP - Columbia SCX6368

Ian Carr - trumpet, flugelhorn
Don Rendell - flute, tenor sax, soprano sax
Michael Garrick - piano, harpsichord
Dave Green - bass
Trevor Tomkins - drums
Stan Robinson - clarinet, tenor sax
Jeff Clyne - bass
Guy Warren - percusssion

EMPHASIS: Emphasis (1975 Jazz Fusion)


Self-titled album first released in 1975. A megarare jazz-rock fusion...Andy Warhol told Fellini:, "you must hear EMPHASIS!" 01 Rainmaker 02 Mackintosh 03 Very Lights 04 Too High 05 Rocking Bird 06 Vera Cruz 07 Dr. Bonnie - Mr. Clyde 08 Bad Omen 09 Feel Like Making Love 10 Gargantua 11 Pleasant Landscape 12 Leave Me Alone Renato Anselmi - piano, synthesizer Fernando Vicencio - flute, saxophone Pierre Cavalli - bass, guitar Nick Liebmann - drums Curt Treier - percussion