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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

THE EDDIE BOY BAND: The Eddie Boy Band (1975 USA)

01 Oh, So Hard
02 The Maze
03 Say Goodbye Babe
04 Come on Virginia (I Wanna Win Ya)
05 Losin' Again
06 Good to Have You Back Again
07 The Gambler
08 Sixteen Ladies
09 Makin' Love to You, Babe
10 Mother Music

JOSH LEO, guitar & lead vocals
MARK GOLDENBERG, guitar, slide guitar, piano, lead vocals
TIM WALKOE, bass guitar, lead vocals
JOHN PARULO, hammond organ, piano, accordion, mellotron & vocals
DENNIS EBERT, drums & percussion
MIKE LERNER, drums & percussion

With -

DAVID WOLINSKI, arp string ensemble, locrian mode, pie ala mode & excessive dialogue on "The Maze"
JON CARSOON & DICK CAINE, rhythm guitars on "The Gambler"

MCA Records - MAPS 8150
Australian pressing by ASTOR Records


  1. hello
    could you put another link than megaupload for the eddie boy band lp please it would be great to discover this album thanks in advance franck from france


  3. Thanks to give me the opportunity to listen and make my own opinion before purchasing the lp. By a quick listen, seems to be very good. Greetings from France.

  4. I used to see the EBB at the Wise Fools Pub and other venues maybe two or three times in Chicago in the early 70's. They were a blisteringly grat rock band then. This album was a terrible disappointment because all the sustained, often improvised center parts of the songs were excised in the studio in an attempt to make them more radio accessible. It was tragic, really. They must have been ordered or convinced this was the way to introduce the band nationally by MCA. The album was such a failure artistically but commercially as well. -- Ric in LA