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Thursday, November 18, 2010

THE FISHERFOLK: On Tiptoe (1967? UK X'tian Psych Folk)

01 Listen, Can't You Hear
02 On Tiptoe
03 Canticle Of The Gift
04 Candy Coated Gospel
05 God Has Not Given Us
06 Come, Lord Jesus
07 They Have No wine
08 Psalm 84
09 Psalm 133
10 We Will Sing To The Lord Our God
11 Never In My Life
12 Hallelujah! His Blood Avails For Me
13 Jerusalem Bound

Pat Allen, Jonathan Asprey, Ed Bagget, Conway Barker, Pat Beall, Diane Davis, Max Dyer, Mimi Farra, David Gustafson, Margi Hackett, Louise Jolly, Mike Kennedy, Martha Keys, Gary Miles, Arabella Miner, Jodi Page, Tim Whipple, Ruth Wieting, Jon Wilkes

Guitar - Jonathan Asprey, Diane Davis, David Gustafson,
Mike Kennedy, Jodi Page, Tim Whipple
Bass Guitar - Max Dyer, Jon Wilkes
Cello - Max Dyer
Violin - Louise Jolly
Percussion - Arabella Miner, Tim Whipple
Keyboards - Pat Allen, Betty Pulkingham

from a vinyl rip (Celebration Records 2004)
Recorded in London


  1. The cover was drawn by my mother Anthea Asprey and the drawing is of my older sister Emma. It was from around 1974.

    1. hi Hannah, thanks for that very informative comment which completes the puzzle and gives life to the album cover. if i'm not wrong, one of the guitar players here was Jonathan Asprey and you must be related to him. talents run in your family's blood, if you don't mind me saying so. cheers!

  2. Hi friend, thank you very much...but...acid folk?

  3. This was a remarkable piece of music. I had the privilege of seeing the impact of the Fisherfolk on the Christian community in the 1970(s)in the UK and travelling to Houston to observe its roots. Moments never forgotten.

  4. Do you have the words of the song "On Tip-toe"? I loved this song, and I too, saw the fisherfolk in the 1970's.

  5. Thanks for this LP.
    I have the LP but nice to have it on a CDR as well.

    It's from 1975