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Monday, November 11, 2013

THE HUNT: The Hunt (1977 Canada)

01 I was Only Dreaming
02 A Song for a New Day
03 Little Miss Perfection
04 I Want to Be King
05 Faces
06 Billy
07 Sent Me Away
08 On Revient (tout le temps)
09 Sad Song

The Toronto, Canada, rock group known as the Hunt formed in 1977 and was pieced together after the death of another '70s band, Dillinger. The Hunt dropped some artists from its lineup, added others, and moved to a harder rock sound. Members of the new formation, at least at one point of its existence or another, were guitarists Paul Dickinson and Paul Cockburn, drummer and percussionist Paul Kersey, keyboardist Jacques Harrison, keyboardist and bassist Gerry Mosby, bassist Carl Calvert, and guitarist and bassist Brian Gagnon. Most of the guys also provided vocals. The Hunt recorded a number of singles and a few albums before calling it quits in 1984.

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