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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Volume 2

01 AMBER Sea Shell Rock Me
02 DON THOMPSON Horizons
03 JED Winter's Glade
05 THE ALAN PARSONS PROJECT The Eagle Will Rise Again
07 TONI VESCOLI Idleness
08 JANUARY LEEF We Will Survive
09 JOHN CALE Hanky Panky Nohow
10 TOWER In Your Life
11 JOHN PETERSON Summer Is Over
12 WILLIAM C. BEELEY Seasons Are Of Never
13 MICHAEL DEACON Wind River Children
14 HUMBLE PIE Sucking on the Sweet Vine
15 DICK DOMANE I'm Only Dreamin'


  1. Hey Warren,
    'Lots of wonderful stuff here. I was familiar with only a few of the artists (Alan Parson Project, Humble Pie and John Cale). I liked all of them, but I'll single out a few. I love the one-two punch of the gentle, sitar-driven "Sea Shell Rock Me" (AMBER) followed by the ocean sounds of "Horizons" (DON THOMPSON). "Winter's Glade" (JED) is another beautiful tune. I can picture a fair maiden... forever dreaming, forever waiting. "David's Rush" (WILKINSON TRICYCLE) has that same wistful air about it. And the way the orchestra swells toward the conclusion of the song is quite effective. BTW, "Summer Is Over" (JOHN PETERSON), "Seasons Are Of Never" (WILLIAM C. BEELEY), and "Wind River Children" (MICHAEL DEACON) fit really well together. Great trilogy! "Sucking on the Sweet Vine" (HUMBLE PIE) is another winner...'Lovin' that one in a major way! My favorite track is "The Eagle Will Rise Again" (THE ALAN PARSONS PROJECT). Wow, what an amazing tune. This one floored me! The singer sounds a lot like Colin Blunstone (ZOMBIES)...Gorgeous voice, gorgeous tune. "I'm Only Dreamin'"(DICK DOMANE) is a perfect ending. War, I enjoy spending time with your selections and giving them a good listen. At the rate I'm going, I'll probably be 200 years old before I hear all the music you've provided. Anyway... 'sorry to ramble on, but I want to thank you again.

  2. Hi Dylan,

    I enjoyed every word of your comment which is to me more of a review to this volume. Your rare insight brings another dimension to the songs included here and I want to thank you for sharing your thoughts. I think you guessed it right with regards to the singer of "The Eagle Will Rise Again". There's only one Colin Blunstone and we're very lucky that in this short lifespan of ours we've witnessed and heard such angelic voice.


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