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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Volume 41

01 MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA Eternity's Breath Parts 1 & 2
02 AMON DUUL Spaniards & Spacemen
03 NUCLEUS Communication
04 FLAIRCK Gevecht met de engel I
05 BRAND X Smacks of Euphoric Hysteria
06 CAMEL Freefall
07 GRAVESTONE Doomsday
08 SIMON CAINE Scarlet Skies
09 RENAISSANCE Kindness (At the End)


  1. H Sorry for lack of comments over the last few days.That pain in my life "Work" as took up most of my time.Seems I haved missed out on some neat comps.incuding a couple of kraut specials.Plan on D/L a few this weekend unless I go to the pub!!Two new volumes in the Fading Yellow series have just come out by the way.Got them delivered this morning.If you need help getting them (if you want them that is!)let me know .Thanks for the great blog.CHEERS Gary

  2. Gary, that's some generous comment. You really didn't have to go out of your way. This blog is just my way of sharing what interest me after collecting lots of music. With regards to Fading Yellow, did they come up this time with 10 & 11? They're gonna blow us all away...;-) Cheers.