For those generous people who would like to encourage me

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Volume 76

01 FIELDS Fair-Haired Lady
02 BRIDGET ST. JOHN Jumble Queen
03 MUSHROOM Tenpenny Piece
04 THE SOUTHWEST F.O.B. Tomorrow
05 LARRY RICE Love Your Mother Earth
07 JAKE HOLMES Chase Your Eyes
08 MARK FRY Roses for Columbus
09 FLAVIOLA E O BANDO DO SOL Brilhante Estrela
10 ANDWELLA Lazy Days
12 KATHY McCORD Candle Waxing
13 BUDDY BOHN Almitra
14 MEIC STEVENS All About A Dream
15 BILL FAY I Hear You Calling
17 MURRAY McLAUCHLAN Revelations
18 ALAN BOWN All I Can
19 CHRIS BRITTON How Do You Say Goodbye


  1. You just had to put Mushroom in there didn't you, and it's been haunting me all day and making me work out locations and whatnot. :-))
    Just brilliant mate!!

  2. Thanks, Martin. I've got to add you to one of the blogs I like, if you don't mind.

  3. Do with me as you like, sir! hahaha

    I was involved in the music industry for years, working my tits off, blah, blah, blah.
    And now good folk like yourself are giving me a proper education in some fantastic stuff.


  4. The vid for Mushroom is now up as "For the Goddess". Thanks for the inspiration mate!! :-))

  5. Sir as Cliff Richard? hehe
    Mate, I've always wanted to do what you're doing. This latest work of yours is nothing short of spectacular. Do you also have a YouTube account? You need exposure, buddy.

  6. Thanks man!
    I'm too much of an outlaw for Youtube, in that some of the material I use doesn't get past their software. Vimeo, for now, let's me do what I want within limits.
    There's nothing stopping you havin' a go. The duck scene was done with a pocket cam hanging 2" from the ground off the side of my van. If I can do it any bugger can and personally I'd rather watch a thousand videos made by individuals than one mainstream offering.
    Exposure is something I try and avoid, if possible, but I thank you for your encouraging words mate!!
    Right now I've got Bill Fay's Unknown Song reverberating in my head and no darn time to get out and shoot something!
    Again, thanks for inspiring me and doing a great job on this blog!

  7. That's just sad, Martin, being not able to share your creativity to the YouTube community. I thought converting your videos to WMV files would fix any software problems. Anyway, it's just my 2 cents.


    Two are uploaded, one is already flagged for copyright, and I'll keep uploading. Every time I go through Customs I get jumped on and so it is with YouTube hahaha.

    Be well,


  9. I'm happy for you, Martin. The videos are magnificently clear, it's like 3D, not to mention the right speed of images. I hope you have the time for more.


  10. Thanks man. I'm glad the Tube has transcoded them well and the images are clear. Bless you for the feedback......and the kick up the jacksie!!

    I've done a couple more, just a one shot at sundown and also a trailer for a project I'm working on called "Junky".

  11. Hey Martin, that "Day's End" vid is a winner!

  12. You know, it's funny, you can go to great lengths to make a clip and then no bugger watches it.
    2 of mine from early on and one in particular
    took no time at all. I'm fond of this interview between Ray Chandler and Ian Fleming. So I thought I'd share it as it's fairly rare.
    One man and his dog watched it and commented and that was that.......until one day I noticed that my stats had gone ballistic. (not that I'm some kind of attention whore or something lol).

    There's me thinking I'd cracked this video lark when I noticed that most of the hits were for Ray and Ian. It was then I realised that it was much more to do with the announcement that the shelved James Bond flick was going back into production, than any Hitchcockian prediliction on my part. :-))
    was done in about 20 minutes and it's just a gentle poke at Apple fanboys using R.Stevie Moore's tribute music and one of those Canon point and shoots that's so small you can hardly see it. That one has also had a few hits.

  13. Thanks for that, Martin. Yours is a source of video tricks. I think the title of a video is what makes or breaks you on YouTube, that is if that matters to you. Song titles would invite music lovers, for starters...

  14. Thanks for that mate!!
    I'll bear that in mind about the video title. I do them just for the love of learning about editing and camera handling. If others lie them that's great too.
    I've already been involved in the tv and film world (v.low down the heirarchy) and I've had enough of that. A small following of people would suit me as I'm never going to be anything near mainstream music et al.
    You appreciating my efforts is very satisfying for one thing, and I've found on vimeo many good folks willing to push and support me.
    Maybe Youtube will bring others to look at my stuff.