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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Volume 221

1 HAPPY THE MAN On Time As A Helix Of Precious Laughs
2 KYRIE ELEISON Out Of Dimension
3 LANDBERK Pray For Me Now
4 BABYLON Before The Fall
6 AD INFINITUM Neither Here Nor There
7 ECHOLYN Settled Land
8 DRAGON Crystal Ball


  1. Happy new year to you too.
    Thank for your great compilations.
    (any chance to have 80 new wave compilations?)

  2. Hey what a great site and this compilation looks interesting. However there is something wrong with the zip file and it will not extract properly. I downloaded it again and the same happened. I tried to rebuild the file using Winrar but that had no effect either. Can you re-up please?

    Happy New Year!

  3. Happy New Year to you too! You help a lot to make the last one nice for me. Please, keep on the good work!

  4. ooops. Number 221 is not opening for me too.

  5. Using 7-Zip, I've extracted the files with no problem. Anyway, thanks for the heads up , it's been re-upped with a new link in RAR files. My apologies for the inconvenience. Cheers!

  6. regolo, you're welcome. Your request for a New Wave compilation is under consideration as it's a taboo subject among purists devoted to the genres featured here. I could be wrong in that aspect so I'll see what I can do and reserve Volume 229 for this stereo system-friendly music. Would you kindly suggest particular bands in that era so I could zero in on a theme. And as this genre has that predominant danceable rhythm, I would like to appease beforehand those who might be offended....;-)

  7. feliz año nuevo, lo mejor de lo mejor y gracias por ésta recopilación

  8. Many new wave bands & artist played very good music.
    Some names? Wire, Virgin Prunes, Monochrome set, Tuxedomoon,Fall, Pere Ubu etc.. I'm a Prog fan but I like it!
    No danceable names here :-)

  9. I adore the 80s new wave bands, too and it's good that you have mentioned a few here to focus. It kept me up all night thinking what New Wave artists you're up to. Thanks, regolo, let's see what we can do. Cheers.

  10. regolo, somehow I get the idea that you must have meant the NEO bands. New Wave to me sounds like The Eurythmics, Duran Duran etc... Anyway, now that we've figured out what they were, I sure dig doing this neo-psych albums. Cheers!

  11. Hi again Hajul,

    dear friend can you please re-up this expired file ?

    many thanks by a 65 years old french gentleman who likes all kind of music - Dom