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Sunday, February 5, 2012

FLIBBERTIGIBBET Whistling Jigs To The Moon 1978 UK Folk Psych (WAV Lossless - Vinyl Rip)

From my LP collection, this is a true collector's item from a band who recorded this, their one and only studio album. FLIBBERTIGIBBET was formed in South Africa by two MELLOW CANDLE members, David Williams and Alison O'Donnell. This vinyl rip was from the 1978 original pressing - Stanyan Records 3EE 7002 - released only in South Africa.

01 The Blackleg Miner
02 Little Roving Sailor
03 Mariner Blues
04 The Black Cap
05 An Suisin Ban
06 Medley (The Rose Tree/The Chanter's Song
07 Blackberry Bush/Blackberry Blossom
08 Whistling Jigs To The Moon/The Dancing Master's Reel
09 The Brisk Young Window/Sheffield Hornpipe
10 Seafarer
11 Shepherd O Shepherd/Linnen Hall
12 The Green Cockade
13 Four Drunken Maidens/Rolling In The Hifht Grass
14 Episodes

DAVE WILLIAMS, guitar, vocals
JO DUDDING, vocals
BARRIE GLEN, guitarist