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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Volume 282

01 ANGEL PAVEMENT Maybe Tomorrow
02 THE ELECTRIC PRUNES Train For Tomorrow
03 BRIAN HYLAND On The East Side
04 THE GAME Lavender Grove
05 49TH PARALLEL I Need You
06 THE EYES The Immediate Pleasure
07 MIKE STUART SPAN World In My Head
09 H.Y. SLEDGE It's In The Air
10 DRUID CHASE Take Me In Your Garden
11 THE ASSOCIATION Standing Still
12 STRAWBERRY ALARM CLOCK Pretty Song From Psych-Out
13 THE GRASS ROOTS Who Will You Be Tomorrow
14 THE BAROQUES Musical Tribute To The Oscar Meyer Weiner Wagon
15 GLITTERHOUSE Sassafras & Cinnamon
16 BADFINGER Beautiful & Blue
17 THE HOLLIES Would You Believe
18 BEE GEES Please Read Me

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