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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Volume 284

01 JOHN KAY Easy Evil
02 HONK Pipeline Sequence
03 IAN DURY Clevor Trever
04 A BAND CALLED O Angelica
05 ED WAHONKA Sparkling Mary
06 LES DUDEK It Can Do
07 NITE PEOPLE Funky Hoe
08 J.J. CALE Ride Me High
09 LINN COUNTY Tell The Truth
10 GUNS & BUTTER It Can't Go On Like This
11 HARMONY GRASS Ballad Of Michael
12 MENDOZA Hello, Hello
13 KILLING FLOOR Out Of Uranus
15 PESKY GEE Born To Be Wild


  1. great compilation!
    i just bumped on your blog and i see you already have 287 compilations - a great and noteworthy effort.
    Congratulations - one thing though: why don't you tag them properly? (i.e. artist - title - track no etc. and even add a much smaller size of your wonderful pictures as art) - at least in the tracks text insert delimiters between the fields as to import the tags from the text - as it is now, it's a pain in the ass to tag the compilations correctly.
    thanks anyway!

    1. hi flyra,
      thanks for visiting the site and the nice comments. i understand your frustration which is reasonable cause that's exactly how i wanted these volumes to be if not for my inadequacy in time-management. my life basically is spent on the run with all these many things going on ranging from my personal family obligations to anything that captures my interest. whatever that gets me from start to finish in the briefest possible time is the only modus operandi that works for me, otherwise catching up with life and most of all, my wife's demands would surely drive me up the wall. please forgive my shortcomings, i will try to minimise such slack whenever i can.

    2. i repeat once again: your blog is excellent, great, superb etc. - you put great effort and you deserve recognition.
      let me put it this way: should your collections be in the market i would buy them.
      and you are even kind enough to reply to all remarks - what more should anyone expect from a blog & a blogger.
      thanks a million.