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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Volume 362 (reup)

01 ASTRAL NAVIGATIONS Yesterday (Lightyears Away)
02 GREEN To Be
04 THE FREAK SCENE My Rainbow Life
05 BIG BOY PETE Movement, No. 2
06 HEMLOCK Ship To Nowhere
07 GRAFFITI The Capture Of Me
09 JOE PEACE Reflections I See
10 JOE BYRD & THE FIELD HIPPIES You Can't Ever Come Down
11 JOHN & PHILIPA COOPER The Mad Professor
12 KAPUTTER HAMSTER Quarters For The Night
13 SILK Skitzo Blues


  1. muchas thanks querido friend. Un abrazo

  2. I have read about and listened to a great quantity of music over the years. I am not familiar with very many of the artists on this mix, but I am impressed with the quality of what you have put together. I am glad that I stumbled across your blog, though I regret that so many of your mixes are no longer available for download. Keep up the good work and thanks so much for your hard work!

    1. hi spinaltap50, thanks and welcome to my little site. please indicate which volumes are no longer available and i will try my best to reup them when i have the time. cheers!

  3. I have checked back thru Vol 200 so far and can report posts that no longer work (mostly mediafire and rapidshare). One or more rapidshare posts say file not found, but most of them can be fixed rather quickly. Rapidshare made all posts private and clicking on them one gets message "permission denied by uploader." This can be fixed by going into each individual folder and making it "public." Rapidshare was used for vols 214, 216, 218-19, 224, 226, 230-31, 233, 235-38, 248, 250, 322, 334, 340-42, 344, 346, 348, 350-51, 355-60, (and 212 - file not found), as well as Grand Funk, Association, Beach Boys and McFadden's Parachute. Jumbofiles was used for the 124 and 125 reups and does not work. Zippyshare is not working on Vol 258.
    Mediafire is unreliable now as I'm sure you are well aware. It works on a few vols, but not most. Does not work on 209, 213, 215, 217, 220-23, 225, 227-29, 232, 234, 239-242, 245-47, 249, 251-52, 254-56, 259-62, 264, 266, 268-73, 275-78, 280, 282-86, 288-98, 301-303, 305-310, 312-14, 316-21, 323-27, 331-33, 345, 347, 349, 352, 354. Mediafire also fails for ELO, Iron Butterfly, Nick Drake, Atomic Rooster, Grateful Dead, Quicksilver, Allman Bros, Doobie Bros, Genesis, King Crimson, Steely Dan, Little Feat, Love, Elton John, Beatles, Yes, Led Zep, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Supertramp, Uriah Heep, Badfinger, Alice Cooper, Blue Oyster Cult, Robin Gibb, Sting, Bad Co, and Byrds.
    It would be great if you could reup the above, but it will be one helluva job. I will understand if you choose not to do so, but I wanted to give you some feedback.

    1. Thanks, spinaltap50. This is such an enormous task as one file would take hours to reup for reason that I'm only a free host subscriber but I definitely will do something about it. Cheers!

  4. I really appreciate the great music you provide on this blog. Thanks so much! I also see you have begun reups and this is also much appreciated.
    I checked your posts prior to #200. The following links currently are working: 9, 16-18, 39, 55, 102-3, 105-6, 111, 133, 142, 146, 149-50, 154-55, 158-59, 161, 165, 170, 172, 183, and 195.
    I understand reups are a lot of work. If you can do them, great. If not, your blog is still great and I wish I had found it sooner.
    Thanks again.

  5. ripostalo in mediafire, please

  6. This one I didn't have cause it was gone a long time,
    so thanks from me.

  7. I have 'UPped' the first part to my google drive. I will leave it there until the end of January 2020 for those who need them.
    Please bear with me as I haven't done this before. The link is ...