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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Volume 381

I would like to give my utmost appreciation to Cally K for sharing with us the following track titles -

01 CHRISTOPHE Green Dream (from the film La route de Salina)
02 PERTH COUNTY CONSPIRACY Crucifixion Cartoon
03 C.O.B. Music Of The Ages 
04 CHELSEA Let's Call It A Day
05 SAFFRON Vision Is A Lonely Word
07 AERA Alois' Flotending
09 ANDROMEDA A World On A Star
10 CHRIS BRITTON If You Really Care
12 SAFFRON All Your Ambition
13 CHRIS BRITTON Sit Down Beside Me
14 CIRCUS My Captain


  1. Tracklist for this one is a big secret?!?!? ;)

    1. hi DanP, i acquired these songs with no titles and names of artists, hence, I need your help. thanks.

  2. Wow, a mystery and an interesting challenge!

  3. mmmmmm, thanks hajul, voy a escucharlo.

  4. Track 2 is Crucifixion Cartoon by Perth County Conspiracy
    Track 3 is Music Of The Ages by C.O.B.
    Track 4 is Let's Call It A Day by Chelsea

    All verifiable on Youtube

    1. hi Cally K, we owe a lot to your generosity for sharing with us your knowledge on these tracks that have eluded us all here. cheers!

  5. Track 12 is All Your Ambition by Saffron

  6. A couple of new ones:
    05 Saffron - Vision Is A Lonely World
    07 Aera - Alois' Flötending
    09 Andromeda - A World On A Star
    10 Chris Britton - If You Really Care
    13 Chris Britton - Sit Down Beside Me
    14 Circus - My Captain

    1. Many thanks, Tony North. I've added your valuable contribution which I'm sure adds more to our listening pleasure. Cheers!

  7. You are welcome. The LEAST I can do.
    We will get there in the end.
    MusicBrainz Picard helped.