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Friday, March 15, 2013

Volume 422

01 SANDY DENNY Milk And Honey
02 MELLOW CANDLE The Poet And The Witch
03 ANNE BRIGGS Tangled Man
04 FOREST Graveyard
05 FOTHERINGAY Nothing More
07 SPIROGYRA Van Allen's Belt
08 SYNANTHESIA The Tale Of The Spider And The Fly
09 COMUS The Prisoner
10 STEELEYE SPAN All Things Are Quite Silent
11 MAGNET Gently Johnny
12 LAL & MIKE WATERSON Red Wine And Promises
13 TREES Sally Free and Easy
14 TRADER HORNE Here Comes The Rain


  1. Excelente recopilación de Folk puro, mil gracias amigo. Saludos

  2. Thanks, mi amigo Juan. By the way, do you know the band SACRAMENTO? I've got an old copy but I lost the track list, have you heard of this band, my friend? Cheers!

  3. hola amigo, Sacramento, they are from Argentina. The Tracklist for you
    01. Despierta Y Cree En Mi
    02. Cada Dia Nena
    03. Algo Mas Brilla En El Sol
    04. Mujer Por Siempre
    05. Cruza El Monte
    06. Reunidos En El Cuarto
    07. Pedro Vuela Por Los Champos
    08. Oh ! Muchacha Donde Vas
    09. Quiero Correr De Este Mundo
    10. Cruza El Color
    11. Voy Por Las Calles

    saludos afectuosos

    1. I owe you a lot, mi amigo Juan. Many, many thanks!!

  4. you owe me nothing my friend, any time, you know. thanks to you