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Friday, August 16, 2013

The Alan Parsons Project

I've always challenged the concept that everything has a cause by lying comatose and not getting up in the morning and wait for what might happen if I don't participate in this thing called life. And, it's always that the first thing I perceive is a furious voice that of a woman's...

That woman's voice should be stopped at no expense spared for this blog to persist. My wife has now been constantly on my back attacking my efforts here as worthless and demands some food on the table. Please make a money donation to this blog by using the Paypal logo and curtail the expression of this malevolent creature bent on stopping my earnest attempts in sharing you good music. Any amount is enough to keep us going and would be highly appreciated. Further info please email me (


  1. Your efforts are appreciated. Unfortunately, not monetarily at this time.

    1. Thanks DW, you are generous with your comment.