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Saturday, September 14, 2013


an Australian hard rock band formed in August 1971

John Baxter - Guitar
Dave Tice - Lead Vocals
Alan Milano - Lead Vocals
Peter Wells - Bass
Paul Balbi - Drums

 13 tracks, all of them winners, 79+ minutes of undiluted non-stop pure heavy rock loaded with pulsating bass lines, bleeding guitars and wasted vocals. BUFFALO's style is the epitome of blues heavy rock genre and no pretentious bias whatsoever from these magnificent Australians.
It is with pride that I was able to finalize this after some rigorous attempts in the selection of tracks from my original CDs and the subtle and intricate way of segueing each and every of these monsters. If there's one album that you can show off to your friends, this 13 afternoon is it! PLAY IT LOUD!!!
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