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Monday, November 4, 2013

Volume 532

01 38 SPECIAL Four Wheels
02 AARON SPACE Man In Yellow Car
03 EDGAR BROUGHTON BAND Don't Even Know Which Day It Is
04 DRYEWATER WinterGround
05 EPITAPH Kind Of A Man
06 BAND OF LIGHT Free Them From Hunger
07 DIRTY TRICKS Too Much Wine
08 CALLIOPE I Wanna Thank You
09 DRAGONWYCK Doncha' Cry
10 ELF Dixie Lee Junction
11 PETER THORUP With FRIENDS Grandmother Watch Your Son
12 DOGFEET On The Road
13 JACKSON HEIGHTS Whatever Happened To The Conversation
14 SAVOY BROWN Tell Mama
15 18 KARAT GOLD Come On Monday


  1. Gee you've been busy Wazza…. great posts as usual...

    1. Thanks for visiting the site, Shane... yeah, so busy but not as busy as you...;-)