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Tuesday, January 28, 2014


SPIROGYRA - 13 afternoon

Widely regarded today as one of the classics of British 'acid folk', SPIROGYRA was originally formed as a duo in Bolton, Lancashire in the summer of 1967.


  1. Hi
    Can you add my blog please?

  2. Hi, Hajul Ellah
    This blog is the most beautiful place on the whole wide web, I started download all that great compilations, which I listening everyday (they are incredibly good for me, because I love all that Acid Folk, Krautrock and Prog).
    I have just one question for you (if it's not a secret) - which program do you use for making those great pictures around here ?

    thanks you, anyway and keep goin' on

  3. Thanks for the nice comment. When it comes to creating album covers, I used any program that suits the purpose and idea. Go to this site as they are very resourceful -

  4. Wow, that will help me!
    I always like psychedelic music, pics and so on. I have some ideas but I didn't know which program will be the best for creating something like that.
    Thanks, one more time.