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Monday, January 20, 2014

Volume 567

Another solid contribution by MICHAEL FREYLER, whose vault is open exclusively for us here. Indeed, the brass connection is made stronger by this mind-blowing set, with its pulsating bass lines and that unmistakable horny sound.
I wish to declare my deep-seated rancor against "lengthy drum solos", as evidenced of my editing such tracks going ape shit.  A fucking drum solo, what is that, really? Recordings made by Grand Funk, Led Zeppelin, Rare Earth, Iron Butterfly, etc. of which a track is devoted, for the most part, to a solo drum performance blatantly exhibited lack of critical thinking, if not elegance, in making us suffer inconsequential percussive rackets; and in excruciatingly great measure at that! But, what can you expect? Brilliance is a rarity among homo sapiens. 
Having had a good listen to THE IDES OF MARCH's "Tie-Dye Princess" opened up the floodgates of my wrath upon discovering there's after all a better way to showcase a drummer's artistry. This track demonstrates the musical genius of the group and by interspersing the prominent drum parts with other instruments they achieved finesse. And how I love the sound of the drums! I'm pretty sure John Bonham must have evoked it countless times to those guys hell-bent on having a smoke break while he busts his guts out, pounding alone on stage.

02 DREAMS - 15 Miles To Provo
03 PIG IRON I Put A Spell On You
04 CHELSEA BEIGE In Search Of The Hole
05 THE IDES OF MARCH Tie-Dye Princess
06 SWEGAS Beautiful Scarlet
07 CHASE Get It On
08 GAS MASK If You Just Think Of Me
09 TEN WHEEL DRIVE How Long Before I'm Gone
10 MOM'S APPLE PIE Can You Help Me

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  1. As of 21 Jan 2014, the following volumes have been re-upped:

    212, 213, 235, 237, 248, 257, 281, 287, 334, 341, 346, 350, and 496.