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Saturday, October 11, 2014


GNIDROLOG:  13 afternoon

Gnidrolog was a British progressive rock band, 
founded in 1969 by twin brothers Colin and Stewart Goldring.


  1. Thanks again for making interesting collections and not the same old tunes.

  2. Fantastic music here, thanks!!! Can anybody help, I'm looking for a group who played a song what I've heard in 1983 and till now I could not find out by whom it was done. The Style is like VdGG, Marsupilami, Focus, Jethro Tull, Wurtemberg, Pell Mell, Kayak, Hawkwind or Parzival, it's a very good melodic Rocksong, less progy, but in the middle a bit dramatic-opera-style with refrain "Conversation, Demonstration...“ (pronounced like obsessed) and after that words, it starts a flute solo improvisation (like played by Ian Anderson) and after that Impro are following spoken words like like "Downtown, Uptown, Insidetown" or so, accompanied with an long deep sax noice resounding at the at the end of the part. Difficult to explain, it's more rock style, but played not hard and with a good drive, near to Hawkwind "Steppenwolf". The DJ who played that song, died in the meantime and cannot be asked anymore and also unfortunately I don't have the tape-recording anymore! Thx. to all who try to help!!!