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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Duncan Browne

Duncan John Browne (25 March 1947 — 28 May 1993) 
was an English singer-songwriter. Browne attended the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, studying both music theory and drama. He chose to become a musician when, in 1967, he met Andrew Loog Oldham, and signed with his Immediate Records label. His debut album Give Me, Take You was issued in 1968. (Wikipedia)


  1. great compilation, my friend, thanks a lot

  2. yeah great compilation but why stay on only the first two album the following songs are great too Rainer, Berceuse, Fauvette, She’s Just a Fallen Angel,Streets of Fire, Canción de Cuna: Street Echoes (for M.), The Wild Places ,? Planet Earth, and the METRO one Criminal World,Precious,Overture to Flame,Flame, Black Lace Shoulder, Paris,One-Way Night,Jade Maybe next volume ?