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Friday, April 17, 2015

John Denver

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  1. It is spring outside and I'm listening to this sampler. There is a healing quality in the music of John Denver. It is great there you musical horizont is very wide and that you make great samplers of John Denver and Robin Gibb as well as The Who or ACDC or The Stooges or the most obscure
    Krautrock and psychedelic bands. When I was young I was into The Who and The KInks and Velvet Underground and tThe Band and it was very uncool to listen to John Denver.Today 35 years later I admire his honest and humble songwriting.

    (is it possible to reupload The Allman Brothers and/or Supertramp?)

    Just suggestions for future samplers might be The Small Faces or Steve Harley and Cockney Rebell.

    While I'm listening to all the great music from your blog I'm wondering how much this music means to so many different people- I mean a lot of these musicians made soundtracks for so many different peoples lives. You have so much memories while you are listening to this old music and also can give you some encouragement for today.

    So thanks for all yout great work