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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Volume 681

A word of warning:
This set contains delusional lyrics which could have untoward consequences to gung-ho listeners causing the derailment of their vision of true reality. For what it's worth, songs featured herein are purely fascinating introspection of the individual artists, respective of their beliefs of the existence of an imaginary God and the mythical figure, Jesus Christ, which predominantly are unfounded; thereby, the need for precaution in accessing these mercurial works of misled poets and musicians.
Anyone who listens to Barry McGee on track 7 with a visual representation of him singing with straitjacket on could be forgiven.

01 DAVE BIXBY I Have Seen Him
02 JOHN MAX JACOBS Waiting For The Harvest
03 JOHN WILSON Rising From My Knees My Lord
04 GRAHAM DAVIES God Has Felt The Valley
05 VATTEN And Still
06 JON OWEN I Have Yet To See
07 BARRY McGEE When Will You Take Me Home
09 KARL SMITH No Faith
10 MUSTARD SEED Marry Mary
11 FREE WINDS Coming Of The Roads
12 THE LAST DAY Sittin On A Thought
13 ARK Dear Old Friends
14 WINDFLOWER Wind Dance
15 THE LAST CALL OF SHILOH Great Day Of The Lord


  1. Imaginary God? Mythical figure? It would be better if you say it's your PERSONAL opinion...

    1. Facts are not opinions but if you insist you can write a thesis on the authenticity of this imaginary god of yours, submit it for scientific peer review and claim your Nobel Peace Prize.

  2. The difference between this faith and the others, is that this one is founded not only on words, but on EXPERIENCE (Pentecote)

  3. Jesus is the hope and the peace of my life. Still I'm enjoying a lot of these very well put together samplers from this blog (with non christian songs).(some of them are even small works of art).

    There are thousands of Jesus-music albums recorded by the reborn hippies in the seventies. Some of them are great psychedelic recordings (for example 'The last call of shiloh'). The x-tian acid folks samplers from this blog are an outstanding listening pleasure (even if it seems that you don't believe in Jesus you know to put good psychedelic hippie music together. So thanks a lot for your work.

    (Still I believe that Jesus is no idea. He is the hope and the love that carries me through this dark and hopeless world.)


  4. If Jesus is so imaginary why did so many people write about Him?