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Saturday, October 31, 2015


Kansas is an American rock band in the 1970's, popular initially on album-oriented rock charts and later with hit singles such as Carry On Wayward Son and Dust in the Wind. The band has produced eight gold albums, three sextuple-platinum albums (Leftoverture, Point of Know Return, The Best of Kansas), one platinum live album (Two for the Show) and a million-selling single, Dust in the Wind.


  1. Thanks again for all of the time and effort you put into these comps. They are much appreciated.

  2. Thanks for these great samplers. I enjoy them a lot. And they are much more interesting just greatest hits compilation and there are a lot of rare songs. I wonder how you do them so fast. I remember when i made a samplers of my favourite music it very often did take me weeks till they were finished.


    P,S. is it possible that you re-upload 'Agitation Free'? With The help of your blog I found out that I like Krautrock. Thanks for all your work.

  3. wonderful blog . unique concept . i love the segueing of tracks. any chance of a re-up of kansas ? thanks richb