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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Luck of Eden Hall

Formed in the late 80s, The Luck of Eden Hall is an American psychedelic rock band fronted by Gregory Curvey, whose prestigious flair for blending surrealism and bent melodies into his music which makes for a captivating sound and breathtakingly consistent to what I have psychedelia in mind.

LATEST UPDATE:  A new double album, The Acceleration of Time, will be released this summer on Headspin Records and they are billed to perform live this August in Wales at the 14th Dream of Dr. Sardonicus Festival.


  1. I love this band, many thanx for the great compilation

  2. Cheers Uncle! I appreciate your comment very much. You can preview the opening track and Side C of The Luck of Eden Hall's new album The Acceleration of Time here: