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Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Frumpy was a German progressive rock/krautrock band based in Hamburg, which was active between 1970–1972 and 1990–1995. Formed after the break-up of folk rockers The City Preachers, Frumpy released four albums between 1970–1973 and achieved considerable commercial success. The German press hailed them as the best German rock band of their time and their vocalist Inga Rumpf as the "greatest individual vocal talent" of the contemporary German rock scene. 


  1. A really great collection! Frumpy is my second favorite group of the krautrock era (my first favorite being 'Out Of Focus')
    Thanks a lot!

  2. I#m enjoying your samplers so much an listen to some of them again and again. When I was young I didn't realise hoew interesting Krautrock is. (I am German) Now many years I learn to enjoy this old german music with the help of your blog. THanks you very much.

    (Is it possible to reupload 'Out Of Focus'? Would be very nice)