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Sunday, July 3, 2016

KING FOX: I Think You're Fine (1970 Australia)

King Fox were a quintet of 16-17 year olds from the prosperous Sydney suburb of Vaucluse. 
They actually recorded enough material for an album but their parents, who'd funded their instruments initially, terminated work on the project after they all failed their end of year exams! 

Recently, the band released their psychedelic album, "70207 – The (Un)Forgotten Album" which was recorded in 1970.
You have waited a l-o-n-g 38 years for this album. Recorded in 1970 by a schoolboy band, this psychedelic recording features over one hour of original songs never before released. Listen and be amazed.

Glenn A Baker wrote:
“It has been delivered to our still eager ears. The challenge now is to hear it as we would have heard it in 1970. with the same sense of expectation and open ended possibility… if you’re reading this, then your dreams really have been (UN) forgotten.”

Ian McFarlane wrote:
“If the album had been released in 1970, my guess it would have sold a modest five hundred copies, been duly forgotten about until rediscovered by pop-psych aficionados and collectors in the 1980s and now been changing hands for three-to four figure sums on eBay, so either way it truly is The (un) forgotten album and well worth the wait!”

BILLY FIELD (vocals, bass)
DAVID KING (vocals, guitar)
PETER MULLER (vocals, organ)
PAUL RADCLIFFE (vocals, guitar, flute)


  1. Hi Hajul,
    Great Post.
    Do you have a link to the album?