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Saturday, June 17, 2017


Accolade were a short-lived band (1969-1971) whose musical emphasis was on combining acoustic instrumentation and light jazz/fusion arrangements with bucolic British folk lyrics and sensibilities.
They released just two albums and a single in their brief tenure, though managed to tour throughout most of their active existence. The original lineup consisted of woodwind player Brian Cresswell, singer/guitarist Gordon Giltrap, drummer Ian Hoyle and guitarist Don Partridge.



  1. Many Thanks. Appreciated. Be well.

  2. Hi,

    I've had a disk failure and whilst I have recovered nearly all of the marvellous collections on here, I am missing aft716, aft717, aft718 & aft719. Has anyone got copies they could link to for me to download please?

    Once I've sorted out the mess caused by the disk failure I will be happy to share others (I have every from comp from 001 but not all the band collections) if others need them.

    1. Unfortunately I am away and I don't have the appropriate HDD (containing the collections you asked) with me! But if nobody answers you in the next couple of months, rest assured that I'll upload them for you when I get back!

    2. Hi,

      Thanks it will be very much appreciated

    3. Please check out Soulseek. I have ALL the Volumes and most of the 'Featured Artists' there.
      Just make me aware and I will add you to my list. Be well.

    4. Here are the links to the files you are asking for:
      13 Afternoon Volume 0716
      13 Afternoon Volume 0717
      13 Afternoon Volume 0718
      13 Afternoon Volume 0719