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Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Tomorrow were among the first 60s psychedelic bands in England
along with Pink Floyd and Soft Machine.



  1. Many thanks for your 'Featured Artist' collections. Greatly appreciated.
    Whilst I appreciate that you do NOT re-up for the dead links, there are some that required a specific request.
    IF the links are still available could you please email them to me.
    They are as follows:
    Amon Düül II, Blossom Toes, Steppenwolf, Tasavallan Presidentti, Tamburlaine, MAN, Funkadelic, Bill Fay, The Monkees, Ten Years After, Steve Miller Band, Buffalo, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Queen.The Band.
    In anticipation of filling a few gaps in an awesome series, Many Thanks. Tony

    1. Try Soulseek

    2. I have everything from 13 Afternoon, including the collections you want! Unfortunately, I won't be near my HDDs in which they are stored for at least a couple of months! As soon as I get back, I'll upload them and send the links to your e-mail! Please, be patient!

    3. Many thanks flyra. I have managed to get a few of them from Hajul.
      Unfortunately I have now actually managed to go through the entire collection of 'Featured Artists'.
      Whilst I have managed to build the collection a bit, the disturbing part is just how many I am missing. It turns out that I only have about half of them. Partly because I only fairly recently discovered the blog and partly because I concentrated on building the 'Volumes' to completion. I fear my ask to fill gaps may well be far too big an ask. Be well.

    4. As I've told you, I'm not near my HDDs and that situation is going to last for a couple of months - in the mean time find what you can from other sources and when I get back, I'll schedule uploads of everything you will not be able to find!

    5. Thank you so much. It will be a nice Christmas pressy for me. Be well.

  2. Many thanks, Anonymous. No luck on the collections that I am missing. I have my incomplete archive on Soulseek so that I may help in some small way to preserve these awesome collections. Any help at all to fill the gaps would be appreciated. Be well.

  3. My email address for any links is:-