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Monday, June 19, 2017

Vol. 794

01 TRINITY Children Of Darkness
02 JUBAL Store Up In Heaven
03 FLOCK Broken Arrow
05 CHAVERIM Well I Know
07 BOB HALEY River
08 ZECHARIAH Forgive Me
09 JEFF LARSON Drifted Far
10 MIKE JOHNSON Would You Believe
11 GOOD SEED Listen
12 ETERNAL ROCK Life Can Be Hard
13 HOPE Find Him
14 BILL & LAURA GINN Only Begun
15 MARK 2 Canticle

WARNING: Contains delusional lyrics.


  1. What you deem as delusional may be a blessing for others. Thanks for posting this great music. The lyrics are not at all delusional to me.

    1. Delusional is characterized by or holding idiosyncratic beliefs or impressions that are contradicted by reality or rational argument.
      It is important that I include a cautionary note here for the innocent, the young and those that have not yet been corrupted by false ideas inseminated by this scourge of humanity called religion. Apparently you have swallowed hook, line and sinker the dogmas and doctrines inculcated upon you without questioning the validity of these ludicrous beliefs put forward by religious hustlers. You owe it to yourself to demand evidence of the existence of this supernatural being they call god, the myth that is the character called Jesus, and the superstitious nature of heaven and hell. Set yourself free from the heinous teachings which beginnings stemmed from way back the dark ages, discard all these barbaric ideas and be a rational person of the 21st century.

    2. No, it is NOT "Nuff" Said...
      I said Thanks and you slam me with some idiotic diatribe? I don't care what you believe, and am sure not going to let you bash me for my beliefs without retort. Just because I am right(because you CAN NOT, nor WILL NOT prove me wrong!!)does not give YOU the right to spew your garbage-laced rhetoric that is filled with hate and retaliation. I will never contribute another red-cent to you. I WIN. Now....NUFF SAID.

    3. Slam you with idiotic diatribe? Not my intention by a long shot, I merely presented you the concept of true reality for your own good since you obviously are a victim of false ideas. I know it wasn't right for me to try to open up your eyes, but at least I've tried.

    4. Hajul, the problem with bigots is that they believe THEIR opinion to be truth. On the basis that proof is required ??? I see NO proof that religion is founded on anything other than greed, stupidity and corruption AND with NO proof whatsoever. I am, however, more than prepared to have the truth and facts change my opinion to knowledge.
      Bigots on the other hand will NEVER believe they are wrong so your attempt to enlighten was, I'm afraid, a waste of time.
      Again, I thank you.