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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Vol. 800

01 BOB BESPER Darkness Is Like A Shadow
02 JACKSON C. FRANK I Want To Be Alone
03 GWYDION Spring Strathsprey - Witches Tune
04 PERRY LEOPOLD Cold In Philadelphia
05 JAKE HOLMES Dazed And Confused
06 DANA WESTOVER Beginning
07 ROY HARPER Tom Tiddler's Ground
08 SAM PARRY The Blind Man
09 JOHN MARTYN Back To Stay
10 TIM BUCKLEY I Must Have Been Blind
11 NICK DRAKE True Song
12 FOREST A Glade Somewhere
13 DAVE BIXBY  Open Doors
14 LOUIE KOTVA Notes From London, July 11
15 TOUCHSTONE Child Of The Morning
16 JAMES McCARTHY  I'm Just A Poor Boy, Baby You
17 BOB REIDENBACH Come Touch The Air Softly


  1. What no congratulations on the 800th post....
    WELL let me be a belated first, and look forward to the 1000th post.
    Thanks for the insightful compilations, they brighten my day.