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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Vol. 999

1 JOHN WILLIAMS:  Dathi (The Five Sacred Trees - Concerto For Bassoon And Orchestra)
2 OTTORINO RESPIGHI: The Pines of the Janiculum (Pini di Roma)
3 SIR GRANVILLE BANTOCK:  Andante con tenerezza (A Celtic Symphony)
4 LOU HARRISON Tears of the Angel Israfel (Symphony No. 2, Elegiac)
5 AHMED ADNAN SAYGUN: Adagio (Symphony No. 1, op. 29)
6 BENJAMIN BRITTEN: Requiem aeternam (Sinfonia da Requiem, Op. 20)
7 ANTON ARENSKY:  Romanza, Adagio ma non troppo (Symphony No. 2 in A major, Op. 22)
8 KURT ATTERBERG:  Adagio, second movement (Symphony No. 2, op. 6 in F major)


  1. Take your time and make it a stunner...:-).
    Difficult to know where to start for No 1000, though, unlike stocks & shares, I'm sure that past performance is plenty to go by.
    Thanks for the 999 so far.
    BTW.. a few here that I'd never encountered before, thanks.

  2. The next one is the BIGGIE.
    I am so glad I used a 4 digit number system.
    Your collection is incredible.
    Thank you so much for sharing.
    Be well.