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Friday, August 23, 2019

Love Sculpture

Love Sculpture were a Welsh blues rock band of the late 1960s, led by Dave Edmunds, plus bassist John David, and drummer Rob "Congo" Jones.


  1. Hajul, excellent band choice for one of your comps! These guys suffered from lack of promotion and recognition even back in the day. Only 2 albums but such great musicianship with only 3 guys! This band has to be considered mainstream compared to most groups you enlighten us with but their legacy is somehow all but forgotten today.. so thank you for this gift of music!

    1. Thank you mrRadio for taking the time to share commentaries on a lot of posts here. I enjoyed and have been inspired by your comments.

  2. I will never forget when I heard Sabre Dance on the radio for the first time. Began my lifelong love for Dave Edmund's guitar. Thanks for sharing.