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Monday, October 18, 2021



Chase were an American jazz rock band created in 1970 by Bill Chase,Ted Piercefield, Alan Ware, and Jerry Van Blair, all veteran jazz trumpeters who were also adept at vocals and arranging. They were backed up by a rhythm section consisting of Phil Porter on keyboards, Angel South (born Lucien Gondron from Port Arthur, TX) on guitar, Dennis Johnson on bass, and Jay Burrid (born John Mitthauer) on percussion. Rounding out the group was Terry Richards, who was featured as lead vocalist on the first album.


  1. Even if it's an obscure band, in this case Jazz Rock here, one should always expect a nice surprise in the choice of tracks when listening. This has always worked for me on your must-read blog! Thank you for that.

    1. Thank you, Patrick. You write interesting comments, you know your music so well.