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Wednesday, November 24, 2021


The Web were a British jazz/blues band, with a style simultaneously related to America's West Coast groove and UK's proto-prog movement. Hailing from the British psychedelic scene, their style is often described as atmospheric, moody, melancholy, and dark. They were originally fronted by African-American singer John L. Watson, with whom they released two studio albums, Fully Interlocking (1968) and Theraposa Blondi (1970). The band increasingly delved into a progressive rock sound with which Watson's vocal style was incompatible, so they set Watson up with a solo career and replaced him with keyboardist/vocalist Dave Lawson. Shortening their name to simply Web, the band fully embraced their new jazz-prog sound on their third LP, I Spider (1970). Following the departure of saxophonist/flautist Tom Harris, the band changed names again, to Samurai.

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