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Saturday, December 3, 2022



Fuchsia is a British progressive folk rock band formed in 1970. Named after Fuchsia Groan they released one album before disbanding. Their album, Fuchsia, was listed as one of Mojo magazine's "Forgotten Classics". Their style was similar to their contemporaries Jade and Comus.


  1. Your blog is a cultural monument. you must (if possible) repost all of your work and let the posts open for ever, for the new generations. they are a treasure that should not be vanished. i am a new reader, and i feel so unlucky.

    1. Thank you, George. I have never received such kind of support and really appreciate your generous comment. I find it an impossible task though to repost all the links as many files have been lost due to a computer crash and considering the enormous time and effort to do so. You may ask help from helpful link contributors who have the complete collection. Cheers

    2. it's ok, thanks anyway, keep on the great work.