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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Vol. 799

Hard rock rarities

01 ALPHA CENTAURI Love Is A Curse (Canada)
02 ALEXIS Late Night Rocker (USA)
03 A LA CARTE Fairview Boogie (USA)
04 ADAMS MICHAELS BAND Lonely Man (Canada)
05 ALIEN Could Have Done Better (UK)
06 AERIAL In The Middle Of The Night (Canada)
07 AIRBORNE No Exception To The Rule (USA)
08 ACCEPT Seawinds (Germany)
09 ACEIUM Let Loose (Canada)
10 ACID Acid (Belgium)
11 AIR RAID Love The Way You Look Tonight (USA)
12 ALIAS Child Of Fortune (USA)
13 ALLEYBRAT Singing In The Rain (USA)
14 ALKATRAZZ Save My Heart (UK)


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