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Sunday, May 19, 2024



01 Smile a While
02 Einzug der Elefanten
03 My Way
04 Affenzahn
05 Bosco Biati Weib Alles
06 There Was A Time
07 Thesen & Antithesen
08 Das Schwein trügt
09 Hirnwind
10 Zwick Zwick

Brainstorm originated in Baden-Baden, located in southwestern Germany. Initially, they were an eccentric group inspired by the Mothers Of Invention and went by the unlikely name Fashion Prick (formerly Fashion Pink). They later wisely changed their name to Brainstorm. Their debut album, Smile A While, stirred controversy with its outrageous cover. Musically, Brainstorm's two albums showcased a highly inventive blend of songs and instrumentals, drawing influences from Zappa and the Canterbury scene, reminiscent of bands like Caravan, Hatfield & The North, and Soft Machine, yet maintaining a distinctive style of their own.

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